A’bad 6th in data ranks, nice win for Surat | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: The city of Surat in Gujarat has zoomed past Ahmedabad in the nationwide ranking of the Union Ministry of Urban Development’s Data Maturity Assessment (DMA).
In fact, Surat tops the list of 100 cities while Ahmedabad is sixth. Cities like Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bhopal, Pune and Nagpur have higher scores than Ahmedabad.
Among the issues that pulled Ahmedabad into the Data Maturity Assessment ranking is appropriate use of budget for data-related activities, according to the Assessment and Monitoring Platform for Liveable, Inclusive and Future-ready Urban India (AMPLIFI) document.
The ministry has also called on the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to form alliances for data sharing or implementation support or other activities among local colleges and universities, industry associations, start-ups and civil society organizations.
“This will be apart from ensuring the strengthening of data infrastructure in Ahmedabad,” the document said.
The AMPLIFI document also adds: “Your city may want to check that the allocated budget covers the following data activities. Establishment of monitoring systems, ICCC, etc., enabling improved and accurate data collection and analysis. The city is also advised to identify specific issues where the city needs support from other stakeholders.”
The ministry adviser has also asked the AMC to analyze various citizen services related to the smart project, where timely notifications can be beneficial to citizens.
“Your city may then consider using various channels such as SMS, variable message displays (VMDs), public address systems (PAS), etc. to disseminate information to the public,” the document said.

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