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Art and culture If you still haven’t seen it, head down to Little Italy and the Del Mar / Carmel Valley neighborhoods to see these stunning 6 new installations

Tuesday, September 21, 20210

In the past few weeks, the ever-growing art portfolio of a dedicated public art supporter, John Kilroy (CEO of Kilroy), has begun the work of well-respected artists from around the world. In fact, San Diego saw 6 new installations in Little Italy and the Del Mar / Carmel Valley neighborhoods just this month.

Notable among the most notable are a two-part graffiti-style mural and glowing sign by British artist Ben Eine, who rose to international fame when President Barack Obama was presented with one of Eine’s original works by the British Prime Minister. As Kilroy’s investments in San Diego continue to grow with future commercial real estate projects in Downtown and North Counties, so does Kilroy’s impressive public arts program for San Diego to experience and enjoy.

Check out these 6 new art installations and their artists:


Title: “Hey” and “Ciao” at 2100 Kettner in Little Italy

Ben Eine brings star power to the multi-installation art program from 2100 Kettner. A prolific street artist from the London underground graffiti scene, Eine achieved commercial fame alongside his pseudonymous cohort Banksy. Its worldwide recognition crystallized in 2010 when President Barack Obama presented an original painting of Ben Eine by British Prime Minister David Cameron during a gift exchange ceremony.

Today one letter form is universally recognizable and his work is in prestigious collections around the world, including the V&A (London) and MoMA (New York). His bespoke artwork at 2100 Kettner includes two bold installations: the first, a hand-painted “Hey” mural, a nod to the laid-back Southern California lifestyle in an iconic New Circus font, and the other is a neon “Ciao”. signboard pays homage to Little Italy’s cultural heritage.


Title: An untitled garden sculpture on One Paseo

The Japanese-born artist Jun Kaneko is considered one of the most influential ceramic sculptors of modern times. Minting the monolithic dango shape (which means “dumping” in Japanese), Kaneko pushes the boundaries of clay with his huge handcrafted ceramic sculptures and experimental glazing techniques that can grow up to eight feet high.

One Paseo now features one of Kaneko’s free-standing, elongated sculptures in the middle of the property’s lush koi pond garden. The blue glaze used in the piece is a recipe Kaneko has been tinkering with for a decade to finally get the color and texture he’s been looking for. The works are perfect in their simple form and impressive technical performance.

Additional installations at 2100 Kettner in Little Italy:


Title: “Chillin ‘in San Diego”

The new Hawthorne Street ink depicts a lazy boy enjoying a slice of pizza. The pop art style mural is the quintessence of Bumblebeelovesyou’s whimsical oeuvre, which focuses on the themes of childlike innocence, freedom and joy.


Title: “Keep it up”

Toronto-based mural painter Barket Kezwer was commissioned to carry out the largest installation by 2100 Kettner that surrounds the train-side wall of the property. The stretch fabric mural is 26 feet high and 25 feet wide and reads “Keep Going” in kaleidoscopic colors.


Title: “To walk around in your mind for a while. Everything as it is and where it should be. “

The figurative painter Paul Wackers was chosen for the Kettner staircase mural from the year 2100 – an indoor and outdoor installation that extends over several floors. Concentrating on still lifes, Wacker offers a glimpse of parallel reality with its slightly abstract, highly engaging flair.


After dark art, must-see light art that brightens up Little Italy this winter

A public pop-up arts program will return on November 1st to illuminate the downtown San Diego skyline, intertwine art and architecture, and engage the community.

What began in 2020 to awaken hope in a time of pandemic darkness, “The Kilroy Stars” were commissioned in various cities on the west coast. The San Diego Kilroy Star will return for a second season and can be seen from afar once perched on top of the 2100 Kettner in Little Italy.

With light to transcend language, the star has a diameter of 6 meters and is equipped with more than 30,000 individually programmable LED lamps. It was designed and built by an Oakland-based creative cooperative well known for their installations at Burning Man (Engineered Artworks) and will remain lit 24/7 from November 1, 2021 to March 15, 2022.

The Kilroy Star uses the ever-renewing power of light to convey emotions and conceptual thoughts. It will introduce a variety of meaningful programs and messages that will transform the way people can continuously interact with the star during the ’21 -’22 season. While plans are being finalized, stargazers can look forward to oscillating patterns, rhythms, and colors of dynamic light, including: Morse code tributes, twinkling holiday displays, color-coded meteorological reports, strategic partnerships with nonprofits, musicians, artists, and more.

November 1, 2021 – March 15, 2022
Located at 2100 Kettner in Little Italy
Other installation locations for the ’21 season include Sister Stars in: Long Beach, CA and Austin, TX.

See you there, San Diego!


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