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Cambridge colleges have produced 12 current unicorn companies, 22 future unicorns and 846 start-ups

Known for its pedagogical skills, Cambridge is home to 31 colleges, 29 of which accept students. So it should come as no surprise that this is a city where innovation and entrepreneurship are burned into the culture.

More than 4,000 junior post-doctoral researchers from 90 countries work at the University of Cambridge and its partner institutes, delivering a talented pipeline to technology companies in and around the city. Corresponding cambridgeand.com40 percent of employees have a university degree.

A recently report found that Cambridge colleges have produced 12 current unicorn companies, 22 future unicorns and 846 start-ups and have been visited by 752 founders. Tech is really part of the fabric here, dating back to 1970 when Trinity College established Cambridge Science Park.

First generation British technology companies such as Sinclair Research and Acorn Computers were founded in the city and more than 1,000 high-tech companies settled here in the five years to 1998, creating the ‘Cambridge Cluster‘. More recently, the area was nicknamed the Silicon Fen, a nod to its own geographic location that references the famous Silicon Valley.

It’s not unearned: There are now over 5,000 tech companies here, and in the year to April 2018, Cambridge-based companies within a 20-mile radius of the city saw their global sales up 8.7 percent and their global employment up 4.1 percent increased . Silicon Fen companies have combined sales of £46.6 billion and employ 233,000 people worldwide.

The city specializes in biotechnology and AI and is also growing as a fintech hub. It is also home to many life science companies. These are just a few of the many local names you should know dark traila leading AI company using cybersecurity solutions to identify, prevent and eliminate insider threats. poor is the leading technology provider of processor IP, feature space provides cybersecurity solutions to protect people and organizations from the increasing threats of fraud and financial crime, and Five is in the field of self-driving software.

OKRA is a healthcare AI analytics company that delivers evidence-based insights and real-time predictions. at Unhurt, AI Drug Discovery develops new treatments for rare diseases. In the fintech sector Neo was founded in 2017 to create an integrated, enterprise-class banking, payments and treasury management system affordable for SMBs.

New opportunities

If all of this has piqued your interest in finding a new role in the UK’s exciting tech sector, let’s take a look at three companies now hiring – and there are plenty more opportunities for you to explore GrowthBusiness job board.

piggy bank

piggy bank is an app that allows users to save and invest with as little as £1. Users link their bank account through the app and round up their daily purchases to the nearest pound, put the spare change into a savings account, or invest in thousands of global companies through tracker funds. The company is hiring for a range of positions in London, including a product designer, a compliance analyst and an iOS engineer. Learn more here.

Allica Bank

Recently recognized as one of the UK’s top 20 financial technology companies, Allika is a new bank created to help established SMEs thrive through a unique combination of modern technology, local relationships and bespoke expertise.

Allica sees established SMEs as one of the last untapped opportunities in UK banking. They are the backbone of local communities – they make up around a quarter of the economy – but have been largely left behind by both traditional high-street banks and modern fintech providers. If true, the bank is hiring a number of positions including a Customer Success Executive and KYC/KYB officers in London and Milton Keynes. More Information can be found here.


Monzo says it’s building the world’s best banking app, which will be a smart hub for customers to manage their entire financial lives. The company believes there should be an alternative to the banking of the past and is focused on solving problems rather than selling financial products. She hires talented, creative problem solvers to help build the bank of the future. Current vacancies include a senior data analyst, risk and controls manager and senior iOS engineer, all based in London. Look at her.

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