What do you do if you win the lottery and why spending money on others brings you more joy? Online Loan

Inspired by our popular FaceLife game Lucky Fridays, in which we award one winner each week with $ 50 based on his answer to how he spends the prize, we asked the question why spending money on others makes us so much happy.

Win the jackpot

Win the jackpot

There are not particularly surprising examples of those who have spent what they have earned on new cars and dream homes, but there are also many shared experiences for the benefit of the public.

For example, the one for the winner, who gave a vacation to Florida to a 13-member family, or for a construction worker who decided to keep working and donate money to a food bank, and to the winner, who opened a fund for the benefit of his family .

We at Good Finance have also witnessed many generous and publicly useful examples since we organized the Lucky Fridays game.

Money for others

Money for others

Many studies show that spending money on others makes us happier than spending it for ourselves. Sean Cole, an associate professor at Finance School, confirmed this theory in his lecture at the TED Talks seminar.

As one posting on the Positive Psychology Program website states, spending money on others makes us feel good because our brains have a built-in reward system called oxytocin, which is responsible for our relationships with others. When we spend money to make our friends and family happy, our brains reward us, which in turn makes us feel good.

Survival costs

Spending money on experiences with our family and friends provides us with lasting happiness compared to the brief moments of joy we experience when buying tangible goods.

In our previous article Life is for you to try – 25 experiences to try today, we told how our lives are enriched when we create pleasant experiences and how it reminds us that we are alive.

It is easy to get a grip on your routine, but if you do not make a conscious effort it is possible to go through life, living each day as one and the same. On the contrary, whenever you try to do something different, the likelihood of creating lasting memories increases. It’s not even something vital, it’s that every thing you do outside of your everyday life becomes an experience.

A gift that is not exhausted

A gift that is not exhausted

Want to increase your experience even more? Share them with a friend or your loved one. An ordinary dinner with friends and family creates a memory that can be reborn again and again.

Whether it is a memory of a vacation, of your childhood, or of a magical evening spent with a friend, this experience has left a mark and meaning sufficient to be remembered.

Do you need more incentive to spend time with your family or friends? A study of more than 300,000 participants of all ages shows that frequent social networking, such as going to the movies, having dinner or drinking with friends, prolongs life and reduces stress.

The best investment you can make is spending time with your family and friends – this is a gift that never runs out.

And if you are not among the lottery winners and need additional resources to create your unforgettable memories, count on us. Good Finance is a fast-paced online loan company dedicated to helping people make their dreams come true. Enter and choose the amount you want, fill out the quick online application form and expect a response within 10 minutes! It’s easy to be happy!

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