Super Savings – a new payday loan on the Polish market

There is no doubt that our domestic financial market like mushrooms after the rain created more and more companies offering the loan type online payday loan. Super Penny is one such company. The offer presented by Super Savings Financial is very attractive. A new customer could get up to a thousand dollarss completely free on the first application.

In addition, the company does not require its customers to pay the verification fee. Another advantage of the payday loan in Super Savings Financial is the relatively low cost of subsequent loans prepared for regular customers.


Super Penny

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The newly created company offered loans for zero dollarss to new clients. Under the first contract, we can borrow up to $ 10,000 for a period of 48 months. The condition of not charging additional fees was the repayment of the commitment made within 30 days. Unfortunately, the delay in repayment was associated with additional costs that we had to bear.

In this case, the idea of ​​a zero-dollars loan will be completely lost to us.

For regular customers who pay their obligations towards Super Penny in a timely manner, the company has prepared a loan that can reach up to $ 15,000. However, it is worth remembering that the company will offer us such a high amount only with the fifth loan.

The costs of loans in Super Savings Financial are not too high, we can get the first loan for free. Another involves some additional costs. And so in the case of a loan of $ 500, the commission for the loan will be less than $ 50.

The total repayment amount will be 550 USD. This is quite a favorable offer compared to other companies operating on our market.


Super Penny – requirements

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Everyone under the age of 18 can count on a loan in Super Savings Financial, and they have an ID card. No additional documents are required. All you need is an active bank account and a mobile phone. The potential customer is verified in the database of the Economic Information Bureau, BIK and the ERIF Register of Debtors.

Super Savings Financial does not require the customer to transfer a verification fee. Yes, it is necessary to verify the account details to which funds will be transferred from the payday loan, but this is done using a special application that automatically verifies the details of the bank account holder.

In summary, the Super Savings Financial is a very attractive offer loan type online payday loan, especially for new customers. However, also for regular borrowers, the company tries to make the terms of the contract more attractive, reducing as much as possible the amount of additional costs that will have to be paid for subsequent loans.