Commission-free loan – when can you get it?

Commission-free loans are loans for people who are reluctant to pay commission when taking loans. Check how these loans work!

What is a commission-free loan?

What is a commission-free loan?

New customers of non-banking companies have a chance to get a commission-free loan. As regular customers, we must be aware that we will be charged additional costs in the form of interest or commission for the financial assistance. Payday loans that we can get from a lender are an ideal option for people who want to get quick cash into their bank account. A commission-free loan is available from companies that provide short-term online loans. The borrower gives back the same amount that he incurred in a non-bank company. Non-bank companies are an ideal alternative for people who have been refused a cash loan from a bank.

Lenders reduce formalities to a minimum, so that the applicant can receive money from the loan on the same day. Of course, the client must meet certain requirements set by the lender for him. The commission-free loan is available for a period of 30 days from the time the contract is signed with the financial institution. Sometimes, it happens that we find free loans with repayment obligations up to 45 or a maximum of 60 days. A commission-free cash loan is a product that can be used by the applicant for any purpose. Money from the loan can be spent on new home electronics / appliances, car repairs, home repairs or, for example, a dream trip abroad. Cash loans without commission are one of the most popular financial products available on the market in Poland.

What makes the first loan product for free? Certainly no costs are charged. Indeed, the borrower has a chance to get a loan in which the APRC is 0%, the applicant does not have any additional fees and commissions. However, we must bear in mind that the amount borrowed will not be high enough. Only after repayment of the first commitment the customer has a chance to obtain a larger loan amount.

When you take out the second payday loan, you will already be charged costs that must be paid back within the time limit. If the borrower has problems with repayment, non-bank and banking companies may initiate debt collection and court proceedings, and report the debtor in BIK, BIG or KRD databases. Debtor databases store information about indebted persons and more. If we have ever taken out a loan or credit from any financial institution, our data may appear in the abovementioned databases. If this is information about an unpaid liability, we may have trouble getting a loan in the future. Before choosing a non-bank company and sending a loan application, it’s a good idea to verify all information about the lender. If we are debtors, it is worth looking for lenders who grant loans without BIK.

Where is a quick, commission-free loan offered?

Where is a quick, commission-free loan offered?

A quick, commission-free loan is only offered at non-bank companies. Unfortunately, we won’t find a loan at the bank, where the APRC is 0%, and other costs, such as interest and commissions, are PLN 0. Loan without commission is available in the offer of loan companies that offer short-term loans online, i.e. payday loan. Commission-free loans are available to individuals who meet the applicable requirements. The borrower can be adults of Polish citizenship. It should also be borne in mind that non-bank companies expect customers to have their own bank account to which money from the loan will be transferred. Company clients may be asked to provide additional documents, e.g. a certificate from their current job or a documented source of income.

Non-bank companies offer commission-free loans to attract new customers. It is important that the customer be satisfied with the lender’s services and take advantage of his offer in the future. We are able to receive payday loans even up to 15 minutes from the moment of obtaining the decision to grant a loan application. If we have a bank account in the same bank as the lender, we can certainly count on getting a faster transfer. Do you care about the time to get money? Check the Elixir session before sending a loan application to your non-bank company. Both this information and opinions from former borrowers are very important before signing the contract. See also the article about instant payday loans online.

No-commission online loans – how do you get it online?

No-commission online loans - how do you get it online?

Online loans without commission can be obtained after completing the application, which is available on the website of the selected non-bank company. The borrowing process is very simple and should not create a major problem, even for people who are taking out a loan for the first time. On the main page, in most cases, we find a virtual cost calculator, thanks to which we can find out what fees await us after signing the contract with a non-bank company.

If we decided to complete the application, we specify the loan amount and loan term. After selecting the appropriate parameters, we will be redirected to the form page. An online commission-free loan will be available after filling out some basic details in the application. The lender will ask you to provide your name, cell phone number, email address or registered address. When completing the application, we may be asked to perform a verification transfer. If we go through the whole process successfully, the commission-free loan will be transferred to our bank account and we will be able to enjoy the cash obtained.