How much does it cost to withdraw from the loan agreement?

Usually we go to the bank to set up a bank account, settle some formalities, or conclude a loan agreement. The latter option is usually the most thought-out decision from which we rarely withdraw. But sometimes it happens that we want to give up credit . Then you should know what procedures await us and […]

Loan without creditworthiness – where to look?

Life is unpredictable – everything can turn upside down in the least expected moment. It can happen that you will be out of work overnight, and all your savings have to be used for everyday shopping and fees. Therefore, it was not enough for you to cover the current loan installments, which put you in […]

Instant message on SMS loan – who can use it?

Instant messaging for SMS is a solution aimed at maximally simplifying the procedure for obtaining a payday loan. See how easy you will receive payday SMS. SMS instant message – what is this? At present, non-bank companies grant payday loans without leaving home . This is one of the most frequently chosen forms of obtaining […]

Payday loans home – who gives payday loans at the customer’s home?

Payday loans to the client’s home are most often chosen by people without a bank account. Check what else distinguishes these payday loans ?! Payday loans at the customer’s home – what makes these payday loans different? Non-bank companies operating on the market in Poland provide financial assistance to people who are in a difficult […]

What Is The Tax On Financial Movements?

The tax is still applied to financial movements (GMF), or the well-known 4X1000 in Colombia. Tax charged to financial transactions made as withdrawals. It is made to savings accounts, checking accounts, withdrawal in management check and deposits of the Daisy Bank. It is a tax of the National Government created to cover the crisis and […]

Save money being the smartest | Debts

You are one click away from buying what you want! And, of course, that in principle sounds like an excellent idea until that moment when, in the middle of the month, you don’t have a euro. Of course, you have new games for the console, two great jeans and even a musical instrument that you […]

Savings tips for university students | Loan for Students

University studies allow you to develop the skills you need to face the labor field you have chosen. During this stage there are expenses that you must control, otherwise the situation would threaten the achievement of your academic goal. To help you with this task, we present this article, which contains some important savings tips […]

How to save money?

Look, if your child’s life depended on a vaccine that costs $ 10,000 pesos and you cannot borrow from your neighbor or family member. This saving has to do with priority If you only had 30 days to raise the $ 10,000 pesos, do you think you could do it? Of course they could. Moreover, […]

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