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Cash money payday loans -We listed the cheapest and fastest online payday loans

Until recently, taking a loan was an extremely reluctant necessity – such money was used only when there was no other way. In addition, this solution was only decided when it was about some extremely serious matter, such as buying a house or a car. Today, the approach to loans is completely different, but the rules according to which such money is awarded have changed. As a result, nowadays taking a loan is a completely ordinary matter that doesn’t impress anyone anymore. Payday loans are especially popular in some months of the year: a lot of them decide to do it at the end of the year to have additional funds to organize Christmas, buy gifts and New Year’s madness. A lot of people reach for them also during the holidays – they want to experience an unforgettable vacation. Today, virtually everyone is able to afford this option.

We listed the cheapest and fastest online payday loans

Today’s payday loans are an extremely attractive offer tailored to the needs of the average person, you do not have to earn money, you do not know how much to pay back later. Payday loans for free are particularly popular – this is an option that online loan services have in their offer: it is enough that we meet several requirements and we can have a loan for free. The most important, however, is to stick to a clearly defined repayment period and not exceed it by half a day.

Watch out for loans!

Credits are our everyday life. There are few people who do not use such an option to support the home budget. Lenders encourage us with an extremely attractive offer and money that is available very quickly: sometimes even in a few minutes. However, before you decide on this option, you must thoroughly know the rules of such payday loans.

Commission-free loan – when can you get it?

Commission-free loans are loans for people who are reluctant to pay commission when taking loans. Check how these loans work!

What is a commission-free loan?

What is a commission-free loan?

New customers of non-banking companies have a chance to get a commission-free loan. As regular customers, we must be aware that we will be charged additional costs in the form of interest or commission for the financial assistance. Payday loans that we can get from a lender are an ideal option for people who want to get quick cash into their bank account. A commission-free loan is available from companies that provide short-term online loans. The borrower gives back the same amount that he incurred in a non-bank company. Non-bank companies are an ideal alternative for people who have been refused a cash loan from a bank.

Lenders reduce formalities to a minimum, so that the applicant can receive money from the loan on the same day. Of course, the client must meet certain requirements set by the lender for him. The commission-free loan is available for a period of 30 days from the time the contract is signed with the financial institution. Sometimes, it happens that we find free loans with repayment obligations up to 45 or a maximum of 60 days. A commission-free cash loan is a product that can be used by the applicant for any purpose. Money from the loan can be spent on new home electronics / appliances, car repairs, home repairs or, for example, a dream trip abroad. Cash loans without commission are one of the most popular financial products available on the market in Poland.

What makes the first loan product for free? Certainly no costs are charged. Indeed, the borrower has a chance to get a loan in which the APRC is 0%, the applicant does not have any additional fees and commissions. However, we must bear in mind that the amount borrowed will not be high enough. Only after repayment of the first commitment the customer has a chance to obtain a larger loan amount.

When you take out the second payday loan, you will already be charged costs that must be paid back within the time limit. If the borrower has problems with repayment, non-bank and banking companies may initiate debt collection and court proceedings, and report the debtor in BIK, BIG or KRD databases. Debtor databases store information about indebted persons and more. If we have ever taken out a loan or credit from any financial institution, our data may appear in the abovementioned databases. If this is information about an unpaid liability, we may have trouble getting a loan in the future. Before choosing a non-bank company and sending a loan application, it’s a good idea to verify all information about the lender. If we are debtors, it is worth looking for lenders who grant loans without BIK.

Where is a quick, commission-free loan offered?

Where is a quick, commission-free loan offered?

A quick, commission-free loan is only offered at non-bank companies. Unfortunately, we won’t find a loan at the bank, where the APRC is 0%, and other costs, such as interest and commissions, are PLN 0. Loan without commission is available in the offer of loan companies that offer short-term loans online, i.e. payday loan. Commission-free loans are available to individuals who meet the applicable requirements. The borrower can be adults of Polish citizenship. It should also be borne in mind that non-bank companies expect customers to have their own bank account to which money from the loan will be transferred. Company clients may be asked to provide additional documents, e.g. a certificate from their current job or a documented source of income.

Non-bank companies offer commission-free loans to attract new customers. It is important that the customer be satisfied with the lender’s services and take advantage of his offer in the future. We are able to receive payday loans even up to 15 minutes from the moment of obtaining the decision to grant a loan application. If we have a bank account in the same bank as the lender, we can certainly count on getting a faster transfer. Do you care about the time to get money? Check the Elixir session before sending a loan application to your non-bank company. Both this information and opinions from former borrowers are very important before signing the contract. See also the article about instant payday loans online.

No-commission online loans – how do you get it online?

No-commission online loans - how do you get it online?

Online loans without commission can be obtained after completing the application, which is available on the website of the selected non-bank company. The borrowing process is very simple and should not create a major problem, even for people who are taking out a loan for the first time. On the main page, in most cases, we find a virtual cost calculator, thanks to which we can find out what fees await us after signing the contract with a non-bank company.

If we decided to complete the application, we specify the loan amount and loan term. After selecting the appropriate parameters, we will be redirected to the form page. An online commission-free loan will be available after filling out some basic details in the application. The lender will ask you to provide your name, cell phone number, email address or registered address. When completing the application, we may be asked to perform a verification transfer. If we go through the whole process successfully, the commission-free loan will be transferred to our bank account and we will be able to enjoy the cash obtained.

Elements that the loan agreement should contain

When borrowing money – be it from a loved one or a friend, or from a loan company – you will need to draw up a written transaction agreement. In the event of any ambiguities or complications, it will be the basic evidence in which all loan parameters and obligations of both parties have been recorded.

So remember that this transaction should be documented in an appropriate manner. To this end, I have prepared a list of all the elements that must be included in the loan agreement. By familiarizing yourself with them, you will know what the contract should contain so that you can feel safe

Money loan agreement – what is that?

Money loan agreement - what is that?

In art. 720 § 1 of the Civil Code, there is a definition of a loan agreement. It is clearly stated that through the loan agreement the lender undertakes to transfer the ownership of the recipient a certain amount of money […] and the recipient undertakes to return the same amount of money. 
§ 2 is also important, in which it is clearly stated that the loan agreement with a value of min. PLN 1,000 should be made in writing. So, for your own safety, make sure that such a contract is drawn up and contains all the necessary elements.

What should the loan agreement contain?

Before you sign any loan agreement, check that it has been drawn up correctly. For this purpose, read it carefully, checking whether it contains the answers to all the following questions.

Where and when was the contract concluded?

At the very top – in the upper right corner or in the first sentence should be the date and place where the contract was concluded. It is important that the date is current, as from this day the withdrawal period will be calculated. Do not sign the document with a retrospective date, as it may work against you.

Who and with whom does it conclude a money loan agreement?

The next element is to define the parties to the contract. The lender’s and borrower’s personal data must be included here. A natural person should provide their name, surname, home address, social security number and the number and series of the identity document. The loan company should provide its full name, exact address of the registered office and registration data, i.e. KRS, NIP, REGON.

For what amount and for what repayment period was the loan concluded?

It is necessary to present the subject of the contract. In the case of a loan, this will be the exact description of the product you are applying for. The lender must therefore provide the amount and repayment period of the loan. If you want to receive a quick cash loan of PLN 1,500 for 30 days, these are the parameters that must be included in the contract.

How long is the contract valid for?

Here the lender is required to provide the total duration of the contract. What does it mean? The date on which the contract will apply. Usually, the start of the contract is the day the loan is disbursed and the end of the contract is the repayment date of the last installment.

How much does the loan cost?

Remember that the cost of the loan is not just interest and commission. There may be a number of other costs that you will be required to cover. In this paragraph of the contract, the actual cost of the loan must therefore be clearly stated:

    • interest,
    • commission,
    • registration fee,
    • possible preparation fee,
    • possible operating fee,
    • possible costs for additional services,
    • costs associated with any insurance,
    • total cost of the loan,
    • total amount to donate.

Interest-free loans without interest are also available on the market, available to new business clients, in which case the costs will be 0 PLN.

How to return a loan?

It is required to provide information on the number and amount of installments, the currency of the loan, repayment schedule and method of repayment. In the repayment schedule you will find a detailed breakdown of the repayment dates and amounts for each loan installment. In this paragraph you will also learn how you will pay off your liability. If you have chosen to repay to your account, you will see there all the details needed to make the transfer: the lender’s bank account number, name and title of the transfer.

Installment non-bank loan

WitCredit is an interesting option for all those who are interested in taking a quick non-bank loan, but cannot choose a specific offer. As part of the WitCredit proposal, we can obtain a loan over the Internet from $ 2 to 7 thousand, with a repayment period of six to 30 months.


Offer for those looking for installment loans

installment loans

It is worth noting here that the WitCredit offer is addressed primarily to people who are not looking for a typical, short-term payday loan, but loans with an installment repayment system.

As I mentioned above, thanks to WitCredit you will be able to borrow from 2 to 7 thousand zlotys without worrying about the fast repayment date, because the company offers a wide range of possible installments, ranging from 6 to 30 months.


The cost of the loan in WitCredit

credit loan

We can know the total cost of the loan before applying. We’ll find out everything from the company’s website and the loan calculator.


Customer requirements

bank loan

The requirements set by the company for potential customers are slightly higher than for standard non-bank loans. To apply for a loan at WitCredit, clients must be at least 25 years old, and no more than 80 years old. In addition, you must remember to have a permanent residence in Poland and a stable source of income.

Potential customers may not have a negative credit history in BIK, KRD and BIG InfoMonitor.

It is also worth remembering that we will not receive a loan in WitCredit if we have an active and unpaid liability in SMS Credit. This is because the main lender is the company SMS Kredyt we already know.


Submission of the application

loan application

The mere submission of an application does not differ from that to which we have become accustomed other companies providing loans through the Internet. First, we submit the application and choose the form of the contract and the way of receiving the money. The contract can be concluded by courier or by phone.

After the conclusion of the contract, the loan will be transferred to the indicated account or we will be able to collect cash at the bank or at the post office, if we have chosen this option of collection.

Fast post-vacation loans for urgent needs

Surely during Holy Week, you have done something; something kind of rest, kind to take advantage of to make improvements at home, type of traveling somewhere. Except for resting, the rest of the plans that you surely made entail an expense, an expense that has made you run out of money! And it is that taking vacations is something that we Spaniards love, although this always entails sequels that, in this case, are economical.

Yes, making reforms or improvements is an investment because, even if it is a real “handyman” of the house that everything can be done without having to hire professionals from this sector, the truth is that the material must be purchased and , sometimes, depending on what type of reform is involved, it involves more or less expense.

Going on a trip also has consequences for our pockets. Look for vacation loans.

Going on a trip also has consequences for our pockets. Look for vacation loans.

To the tickets by train, ship or plane we must add the stay in the place that we are going to visit and that we will only save if we have someone we know who we are going to visit and that makes us a hole; the food, which often involves spending even more because you always like to taste typical dishes of the local cuisine; transport, if we really want to know the site and then extra expenses such as souvenirs or gifts that we bring as a souvenir.

And even when you take advantage of Holy Week not only to go on a trip, but to enjoy a few days of rest in a rural house, in a hotel or in a villa in the company of family, friends or couple, this means that we have to “ lose ”money, even if they are well invested euros, that we also deserve a break after so much work!

Vacation loans 

Vacation loans 

In short, some mini-vacations, however “mini” they may be, mean extra expenses that we might not have, but also help us get out of the routine and then come back to it more willingly.

They were like your Easter mini-vacations, if you have spent more than you thought and you have practically left with an empty pocket, remember the quick loans! They are the solution of the moment, the star financial product.

Instant loan – where is the fastest?

An instant loan is nothing more than a quick loan with simplified requirements and a modern customer verification and loan payment system. In many cases, it takes several minutes from the time of applying for a loan to receive the money.

To apply for this form of financing, you often do not need to submit a certificate of income, and most interestingly – when applying for funding for the first time in a given institution, you can usually count on a free loan of up to 30 days.

Is it possible to receive money within 15 minutes?

If you would like to apply for a cash loan in a bank, the chances are slim. However, the procedure for applying for a loan at non-bank institutions is different than at banks:

  • simplified – lending institutions, unlike banks, usually do not assess borrowers’ creditworthiness in detail, do not check their BIK or KRD databases and do not expect to present income statements. To grant a loan, they usually need an identity card, social security number, home address, e-mail address, telephone number and bank account.
  • more modern – lenders can verify their clients much faster and more efficiently than banks. 

    Some companies also use the verification transfer option – but you have to be careful here, because a transfer made from an account in a bank other than the lender’s account can only be booked the next business day . So if you do it on Friday, it may not come to the lender until Monday.

Who can apply for a quick loan?

Non-bank loans have fairly low requirements, but a few basic loans must be met:

  • have appropriate age – usually min. Eighteen years,
  • have a valid ID card, active phone number, email address and PESEL number,
  • have a bank account – to confirm the data you will need a verification transfer or logging into online banking using the Kontomatik or Instantor service,
  • have a stable source of income – most companies do not require a certificate from the employer but may ask about the source and amount of income.

Customers with delays in repayment of liabilities, outstanding installments of loans or bills may have trouble receiving a positive decision. In this case, it is worth checking out non-bank companies offering loans without or without cash

Payday loan or installment loan?

Instant payouts are probably the fastest way to receive cash for any purpose. The payday loan will work if you need a small amount for a short period. However, if you need a larger amount for a longer period, get a loan in installments.

How much do quick loans cost?


From 0 to even several hundred percent of the loan amount – that’s how much extra costs can be! Why such discrepancies? Express verification, a minimum of formalities and often the lack of required certificates and checking in databases – this unfortunately translates into a high total cost of the loan. However, to attract new customers, companies often offer a first loan for free for 30 days (some even up to 45 or 60 days). The promotion applies to payday loans and the actual annual interest rate (APRC) is 0%,

Therefore, when using an online loan, you need to thoroughly trace the contract and familiarize yourself with all costs. The easiest way is to use our comparison of payday loans or long-term loans instead of visiting individual lenders’ websites – you’ll always find current offers from most lenders along with parameters and costs, as well as detailed product analyzes.

Non-bank loan – what is it and who grants it?

Non-bank loans can be the last resort in non-gate situations, but they can also become a nail in a casket. Each borrower should be well aware of his rights and obligations, and above all, carefully read the lender’s offer before signing the contract.

What is a non-bank loan?

Non-bank loans are financial assistance offered by institutions other than banks – the so-called parabanks, loan companies as well as private investors. Each of them operates on a different basis, therefore the rules for granting loans may be different. Non-bank loans over the internet, including payday loans and installment loans, have been the most popular among quick loans for many years.

Non-bank loans have a short repayment period, minimum formalities and quick access to cash. Often enough access to the Internet and just a few minutes to get the amount needed on the customer’s account. In many cases, formalities have been reduced to the necessary minimum – all you need is your ID card, internet mail, an open bank account and phone number. Obtaining a non-bank loan online does not usually require any certification.

A person applying for support should be of legal age, sometimes they are also asked to confirm the source of income and its amount. Non-bank lending institutions verify the correctness of the borrower’s data by means of a transfer made by him or by logging into electronic banking through a special application; this data can also be checked by phone. The disadvantage of non-bank “loans” is the short repayment period – usually from 7 to 30 days.

Installment loans outside the bank

An online loan can be a solution for those in debt. However, you have to be very careful with these types of products, because it is easy to fall into a spiral of debt and lead to bankruptcy. Loans for those in debt can usually be divided into installments, usually the lender also requires additional security for repayment in the form of real estate or valuable movable property.

A non-bank loan in installments can be a cash flow of up to several tens of thousands of zlotys, and installments can be spread over two years – it all depends on the amount borrowed and arrangements made in the given financial institution or with a private lender.

Many non-banking institutions do not check the credit history of their clients in all databases, but only in some – loans without BIK are becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, the market also offers proposals for financial support for the unemployed.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans

Advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans

The advantage of quick loans is primarily their affordability, minimizing formalities, lack of certificates, and even the possibility of obtaining money without leaving home. Funds can be obtained in a dozen or so minutes, and often the borrower’s ID is the only necessary document.

The disadvantages of loans granted by loan companies include, most often, a short repayment period, as well as high loan costs (due to a higher risk of default). It is also worth considering that for each day of delay in repayment, quite large penalty interest is charged, sometimes also fees for reminders and reminders to pay. Ineffective writings usually lead to legal proceedings, the costs of which are borne by the debtor.

Types of non-bank loans – loans for companies

Non-bank loans are intended not only for individual clients, but also for companies – also in this case formalities have been kept to a minimum.

An entrepreneur who wants to apply for financial support must have a company headquarters in Poland, cannot be in the debtors database, and his activity must be entered in the CEIDG register.

Refinancing a loan – how much does it cost and how does it work?

Refinancing a loan is one of several options in the event of a problem with timely repayment . If you are wondering how to get out of debt so as not to fall into a spiral of debts and not expose the bailiff, then check how it works and what exactly is refinancing a loan.

Keep an eye on your loan repayment date

Keep an eye on your loan repayment date

Getting a quick loan online is very easy – just take a few minutes to complete the application and wait for the lender’s decision. What’s more, a large part of loan companies offer free payday loans, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs – you will pay back exactly what you borrowed. There is one condition: the loan will be returned within a time limit which will be clearly stated in the loan agreement. The payday payday is 60 days. I wrote more about online loans in the article: Online account loan – what is worth knowing?

Repayment of a quick cash loan can sometimes cause problems. You can skip the final day of repayment due to your carelessness and forgetfulness, or find yourself in a crisis situation and simply don’t have the means to pay back the loan. The worst way out of this situation is to wait and not react. Why?

After the repayment deadline, the loan companies will start the debt collection procedure, which will result in high fines and interest for late repayment, as well as unpleasantness related to entry into debtors’ databases, contractual penalties and telephones from debt collection departments.

That is why it is worth knowing how the loan refinancing service works. You can avoid large fees for late repayment but be careful.

Refinancing a loan – what is it?

Refinancing a loan - what is it?

Refinancing a loan is the transfer of current debt from one financial entity to another. In short, it is a new financial commitment that will be used to pay back the current loan.

The whole point is that you won’t get money from the new loan – the funds will be transferred to the lender who is in arrears with payment, thanks to which the parties will have 100% certainty that the new loan will be used to pay back the previous one. It is the lender with whom you have a problem with repayment that chooses a friend loan company in which he will submit a refinanced loan application on your behalf.

How does the refinancing service work?

If you have a problem paying off your current loan and you are 100% sure that you will not be able to settle your debt within the prescribed period, be sure to contact your lender to refinance the debt. The refinancing loan is the best and the cheapest option available. How to use it?

  1. Check if the lender you have a loan from is using a refinancing loan (you will find information on the company’s website after logging in to the customer’s account or by phone).
  2. If you know that you can’t pay your debt before the repayment deadline, report your inability to repay your lender and apply for a refinancing loan.
  3. The lender will apply on your behalf for a refinanced loan to another loan company.
  4. After receiving a positive decision from the “new” Lender, this company will transfer the loan to the “old” non-bank company, thanks to which the total amount of your debt will be repaid.
  5. You will get a new loan to be repaid with a new repayment date at another loan company.

Refinancing takes place only between two loan companies.

Quick loans to reform your apartment

Housing is that space in which we spend most of the time when we are not working. It is in it where we deposit all our anxieties and our stress. It is to her where infinity of our emotions will stop and that is why, sometimes, a reform is necessary, a change with which we see things differently. Surely you have thought more than once to reform your apartment and surely you did not do it for the money.

Fast loans can be a profitable solution.

Fast loans can be a profitable solution.

And it is possible that with the new year you have opened your mind and have decided to make changes in your life with which to feel more comfortable, calmer and less stressed. Sometimes, the chip changes are not only good but they are also necessary to meet us again, to feel full again and then be able to be that enthusiast who shines in his work and who is doing wonders in the personal field.

To make reforms in our apartment, there are many aspects that we must take care of and that we have to take into account. And many also the services we need to hire, although this depends on the type of reform you want. If we want to reform only one cabin of the house, let us take as an example the bathroom, we must take into account that this requires the work of experts in plumbing, electricity, decorators and masons, although there are companies that integrate several of these functions.

Fast loans

Fast loans

All this, in effect, makes the investment for our reform increase considerably and that is where our problem lies, since we cannot bear the expenses that this entails. For this, fast loans are offered as an extraordinary solution because the immediacy and ease of granting are added to the speed and convenience of your application.

We are here to help you. Therefore, if you want to make a change in your life that goes through the reform of your apartment, let us tell you that with our fast loans, your reform is one click away.

Request quick loans and enjoy carnival!

Carnival is one of those traditional festivals in certain countries that attracts the attention of many travelers every year. Yes, yes, Carnival moves borders, unites continents and makes people travel, move and, of course, dress up! It is an original holiday, every year is different and, as such, it lives differently and also feels different. And, now we don’t want you to stay without enjoying this kind of celebration, we want to help you with our fast loans !

As always, one of the fashionable financial solutions is fast loans.

As always, one of the fashionable financial solutions is fast loans.

They are because of the incredible advantages of this type of product, which fit into the pockets of customers in a way that no other entity usually offers.

In case you do not know them, we tell you: first of all, it is necessary to mention that, when a person applies for a quick loan, factors such as their possible debts or the fact that they are in Asnef are usually taken into account. However, we do not even care about the amount of fast loans that the client has outstanding. The guarantee, which is usually another inconvenience for the granting of a loan, does not require it either.

Another advantage is that we can offer you credits of up to twelve thousand euros and give you up to five years to return it to us.

All we ask is that you have Spanish nationality, that you have an indefinite contract or are a pensioner, that you have a minimum income of one thousand euros per month, that you are between 22 and 65 years old and that you request a minimum of one thousand euros.

And if you also have debts and income of at least one thousand euros, we offer you liquidity or reunification of those debts!

With fast loans you can enjoy the Carnival of your dreams in style.

With fast loans you can enjoy the Carnival of your dreams in style.

If you are a fan of costumes, you will know that doing so costs money and even more if you customize it to your liking so that you give that distinctive touch to your suit that everyone hallucinates.

So you know, if you want to live Carnival, apply for your loan now!