Super Savings – a new payday loan on the Polish market

There is no doubt that our domestic financial market like mushrooms after the rain created more and more companies offering the loan type online payday loan. Super Penny is one such company. The offer presented by Super Savings Financial is very attractive. A new customer could get up to a thousand dollarss completely free on the first application.

In addition, the company does not require its customers to pay the verification fee. Another advantage of the payday loan in Super Savings Financial is the relatively low cost of subsequent loans prepared for regular customers.


Super Penny

payday loan

The newly created company offered loans for zero dollarss to new clients. Under the first contract, we can borrow up to $ 10,000 for a period of 48 months. The condition of not charging additional fees was the repayment of the commitment made within 30 days. Unfortunately, the delay in repayment was associated with additional costs that we had to bear.

In this case, the idea of ​​a zero-dollars loan will be completely lost to us.

For regular customers who pay their obligations towards Super Penny in a timely manner, the company has prepared a loan that can reach up to $ 15,000. However, it is worth remembering that the company will offer us such a high amount only with the fifth loan.

The costs of loans in Super Savings Financial are not too high, we can get the first loan for free. Another involves some additional costs. And so in the case of a loan of $ 500, the commission for the loan will be less than $ 50.

The total repayment amount will be 550 USD. This is quite a favorable offer compared to other companies operating on our market.


Super Penny – requirements

payday loan

Everyone under the age of 18 can count on a loan in Super Savings Financial, and they have an ID card. No additional documents are required. All you need is an active bank account and a mobile phone. The potential customer is verified in the database of the Economic Information Bureau, BIK and the ERIF Register of Debtors.

Super Savings Financial does not require the customer to transfer a verification fee. Yes, it is necessary to verify the account details to which funds will be transferred from the payday loan, but this is done using a special application that automatically verifies the details of the bank account holder.

In summary, the Super Savings Financial is a very attractive offer loan type online payday loan, especially for new customers. However, also for regular borrowers, the company tries to make the terms of the contract more attractive, reducing as much as possible the amount of additional costs that will have to be paid for subsequent loans.

Crowdfunding goes into real estate

After music, books and, more broadly, cultural goods, after taking a stake in innovative projects and SMEs, crowdfunding extends to real estate.

There is still something new in the crowdfunding world! The evolution of the regulations announced by Sean Cole in February will favor the development of the crowdfunding model in the form of investment. And the investment will soon concern real estate.

First crowdfunding platform


Still embryonic, this new model is already exploding in the United States and will grow in the coming years. In France, the first crowdfunding platform specializing in real estate is Lymo, a Toulouse start-up launched in 2013.

The concept is simple: rather than going through a bank to finance real estate projects, Lymo speaks directly to individuals. If enough people decide to fund one of these projects so that the goal of the collection is achieved, the project will see the light of day. Lymo takes care of the rest: buy the land, build the houses, sell the residence and provide you with your profits: a return of about 10% excluding taxes! Moreover, based on the “all-or-nothing” system, the investor takes no risk if the collection or the project does not succeed.

Makes markets accessible


This new financing model makes markets accessible to individuals that were previously reserved for professionals: everyone becomes a little real estate developer. Moreover, by removing the intermediaries, it is directly possible for the investor to know in what he invests and what will be the final result. Not to mention the remuneration, much more interesting than a classic savings booklet!

Crowdfunding is everywhere


Since the development of the loan between individuals, banks were already more essential to borrow, they will not be anymore to finance real estate projects! The exit of the banking network is more and more frequent and seems to bear fruit where crowdfunding has taken over. The height: To ensure its development and open new projects in 2014, Lymo has raised USD 500,000 on the crowdfunding platform Wiseed. Decidedly, crowdfunding is everywhere.

How much does it cost to withdraw from the loan agreement?

Usually we go to the bank to set up a bank account, settle some formalities, or conclude a loan agreement. The latter option is usually the most thought-out decision from which we rarely withdraw. But sometimes it happens that we want to give up credit . Then you should know what procedures await us and what you need to do to cancel your loan and whether it costs anything at all.


Consumer loan agreement – here we can cancel within 14 days

Consumer loan agreement - here we can cancel within 14 days

If we are talking about consumer credit, then we must remember that such a commitment may not exceed $ 255,000. A bank customer who has a loan has the right to cancel the loan agreement within 2 weeks. In addition, you must remember that after you cancel your loan, we have 30 days to return your money to the bank.


How can we withdraw from the loan?

loan withdrawal

A credit cancellation form is attached to each loan agreement. You only need to review the documents attached with the contract. It is worth remembering that the bank’s customer is not obliged to state the reason for resigning from the loan. Up to 14 days can cancel the loan without consequences.


How much does it cost to cancel?

credit loan

The procedure of resigning from a bank loan does not entail any additional costs or legal consequences. We only have to pay interest for the period for which the money was on our account. In addition, we must remember that we have 30 days to return the money borrowed.

If we do not return them on time and we give up the loan, the bank will start charging us penalty interest or for payment of a payment request.


Mortgage and withdrawal from the contract

financial problem

Unfortunately, it is not as easy here as for a consumer or cash loan. We cannot use the withdrawal for loans taken out for the purchase of an apartment or for loans taken out against real estate. The same applies to employee loans or leasing contracts.

Both of these types of loans are granted on special terms, so it is not a simple procedure to cancel such a contract. However, you can opt out of a housing loan. The borrower may terminate such a contract without giving any reason for his decision. The cost of resigning from a mortgage is interest plus all fees accrued until you use the loan.

Loan without creditworthiness – where to look?

Life is unpredictable – everything can turn upside down in the least expected moment. It can happen that you will be out of work overnight, and all your savings have to be used for everyday shopping and fees.

Therefore, it was not enough for you to cover the current loan installments, which put you in the debtors’ database. What to do in that case? First, read my guide on How to get out of debt , and secondly – find out what loans are for those in debt without creditworthiness.

Creditworthiness – why is it so important for banks?

The borrower’s creditworthiness is one of the basic criteria that banks thoroughly analyze when examining loan and loan applications. The bank looks at the client’s financial situation by examining and analyzing his:

  • age, number of dependents, occupation, etc.,
  • income,
  • monthly expenses and living costs,
  • current debt (the number of loans, credits, credit card debt, guarantees, account limits obtained, etc.),
  • credit history – to check how a given client is dealing with the repayment of current and current financial receivables.

Inquiries about a potential customer are sent to the Credit Information Bureau and debtors’ databases so that the bank can learn about it as much as possible. Each of the above criteria is appropriately scored – the more positive for a database, the higher the credit applicant’s credit score is. A very common mistake made by borrowers is sending applications to many financial institutions. Each inquiry is visible in BIK, which means only one thing for the bank – the client is not very reliable, because no bank wants to provide financing to him.

What do you have to do? First of all, compare offers and choose the one that is the most favorable. If you know that your creditworthiness is not the best and banks and loan companies will not necessarily provide you with financing, check loans for those in debt.

A loan for those in debt without creditworthiness

A loan for those in debt without creditworthiness

If your current liabilities are overwhelming you, credit and loan installments are too high, you can’t cope with repayment, and banks reject your applications for further loans, first of all remember that this is not a reason to get nervous and give up. There is no situation without a solution.

Initially, you can check what a consolidation loan is and analyze if this option is right for you. If the deadline for repayment of a non-bank loan is approaching, then you should also familiarize yourself with the option of refinancing the loan . If none of them is for you, then know that there are loan offers on the market without creditworthiness. What does it mean?

A quick loan with no creditworthiness online

I analyzed the offers available on the Polish market of non-bank loans and found several of them that enable financing for indebted persons. These companies do not check clients in the Credit Information Base and allow them to have liabilities in another institution (credit or loan).

There are not many of them, but thanks to them you will be able to apply for additional funds without checking your credit history in the debtors’ databases. It is also worth checking the latest payday loans, because new loan companies often offer more favorable terms and promotions.

Instant message on SMS loan – who can use it?

Instant messaging for SMS is a solution aimed at maximally simplifying the procedure for obtaining a payday loan. See how easy you will receive payday SMS.

SMS instant message – what is this?

SMS instant message - what is this?

At present, non-bank companies grant payday loans without leaving home . This is one of the most frequently chosen forms of obtaining a loan by potential clients. Lenders make it possible to provide financial assistance by completing the application on the lender’s website, during a telephone conversation with a company consultant or at the client’s home. Recently, SMS payday payday has also become quite popular, thanks to which customers have the chance to get quick cash into their bank account. The quick payday SMS is mainly addressed to regular customers of the company who, when taking out a loan for the first time in a given non-bank company, were previously required to complete the form and register the customer’s account on the lender’s official website.

Lenders guarantee the loan up to several minutes from sending the loan application. Choosing an SMS payday product can reduce the time it takes to decide whether to grant or reject a loan application. If you are interested in quick payday loans, all you have to do is find a company that grants this type of loan and send the appropriate text message to the lender’s contact number. If we are new clients, we also have a chance to get financial help by sending an SMS. Among the most frequently chosen products by borrowers, we can distinguish a long-term loan, whose repayment can be divided into equal, monthly installments.

Payday loans, in which the loan period is 30 days from the date of signing the contract with the lender, are quite popular. By sending an application by SMS, the payday loan on our bank account can be found quickly. After sending the application, we should receive a reply with the application code. The next step will be sending a message to the non-bank company confirming the submission of the loan application.

Instant SMS as proof – how to get it?

Instant SMS as proof - how to get it?

Currently, by sending an SMS, it is possible to obtain an instant SMS for proof. The borrower must have a valid ID, which is equivalent to being an adult, capable of legal transactions. Applicants for a product, which is an SMS payday certificate, must also live permanently in Poland, have their own bank account number and an active mobile number. Non-bank companies in Poland verify their applicants in the debtors’ bases, which largely contributes to the decision on granting or rejecting a loan application. The first step to getting a loan is to visit the lender’s website.

On the website we can find information about all costs and a model loan agreement. To get the lender’s number, we must enter the “contact” tab. The next step is to send a text message to a non-bank company, in most cases companies with similar content, providing your number, the loan amount you want to obtain and the loan period. After receiving the text message, the lender verifies the customer, among others in debtors’ databases, checking his credit history. If the applicant meets all the requirements, he will get the money into his bank account. Payday loans obtained from non-bank companies can be used for any purpose.

Instant message via SMS – important information?

Instant message via SMS - important information?

Instant delivery via SMS is available only in non-bank companies. Banking institutions do not currently offer the product of short-term pay-as-you-go SMS. This is certainly one of the most convenient and fastest options for getting money from a loan company. We receive instant messages via SMS only if we have an active mobile number through which we will send a text message to the lender. Applying for instant messages via SMS is very convenient.

SMS payday loans without BIK and KRD, i.e. payday loans without verification

SMS payday loans without BIK and KRD, i.e. payday loans without verification

SMS instant messages without BIK and KRD are ideal for people who do not have a very good credit history in the debtors’ databases. As is well known, non-bank companies verify loan applicants in indebted databases, which in most cases has a huge impact on the final decision to grant or reject a loan application. If our name is in the debtors database, e.g. in the Credit Information Bureau, the Economic Information Bureau or the Polish Bank Association, it is worth looking for offers of non-bank companies in which we will find SMS payday loans without BIK and KRD. To clarify the term debtors’ bases, we must point out that these institutions collect, process and disclose financial data of individuals and enterprises. Each borrower as well as a company providing financial assistance can independently verify user data.

Payday loan without BIK can be a good alternative for people who need financial support. Often, borrowers are not able to obtain financial assistance from their family or close relatives, which is why loan companies that help pay payday SMS without BIK, i.e. for so-called debtors. When deciding to take payday loans via SMS without BIK, it is worth analyzing your financial budget first. If we have already signed a contract with another non-bank company and want to use the loan to pay off the debt, we must remember not to fall into a spiral of debt, from which it is so difficult to get out. Instant messages via SMS without BIK can become a lifeline for many people.

Payday loans home – who gives payday loans at the customer’s home?

Payday loans to the client’s home are most often chosen by people without a bank account. Check what else distinguishes these payday loans ?!

Payday loans at the customer’s home – what makes these payday loans different?

Payday loans at the customer

Non-bank companies operating on the market in Poland provide financial assistance to people who are in a difficult life situation and need an injection of cash for now. In the lenders offer we can find quick, short -term payday loans or long-term loans, whose repayment can be divided into equal installments. Both products are currently very popular and widely available. The process of obtaining a loan is simple and should not cause anyone major problems. Customers of non-banking companies have a choice of various options to undergo the entire contracting process. Non-bank companies grant payday loans at the client’s home, during a telephone conversation, in a stationary office or online, after completing the loan application on the company’s website. Today we will try to discuss what exactly is the payday loan in the customer’s home. It is certainly an ideal alternative to getting financial help if you do not have your own bank account or do not have permanent access to the internet.

Payday loans at the client’s home are also popular with the elderly, who prefer traditional contract signing when a non-bank agent is present. People who have debt with a bailiff can also get a positive response to getting money from a loan company that provides their financial services at the client’s home. Compared to banking institutions, lenders have lower requirements for customer creditworthiness. However, we should remember that loans at the client’s home will certainly be much more expensive than those taken online. The non-banking company adds an additional fee for the consultant’s visit to the client’s home. The liability is also repaid in the borrower’s apartment, after arranging the repayment dates. For some companies, repayment may take place weekly. Before choosing a lender, it is worth checking all the fees that will be associated with using this form of loan. We should pay special attention to the interest rate on the loan, APRC and additional fees. It is also worth verifying the lenders on thematic portals by reading the opinions of former customers about the non-bank company service.

Payday loans home – who will receive them?

Payday loans home - who will receive them?

Home waiters are intended for people who meet the relevant criteria and are defined by the non-banking company. The borrower can be people who have a valid ID card, which means they must be at least 18 years old. It is also necessary for the client to have Polish citizenship and permanent registration in Poland. Non-bank companies providing payday loans to the client’s home operate in selected cities throughout the country. The priority for the customer is to verify whether the non-banking company will grant loans in the city in which the borrower is registered. During the company’s agent’s visit, we may be asked to provide additional documents or provide information. In some cases, we may be asked to confirm our regular income by presenting, for example, a bank statement or a certificate from the employer. Instantaneous home can also be provided on the basis of the presentation of documents from work.

Borrowers who have a permanent contract are certainly more likely to get a positive decision regarding payday loan. Often, companies verify their borrowers in the bases of indebted persons. Wait time limits to the client’s home can, however, be granted to indebted persons, depending on whether the company will verify the client’s data in the database in which his name appears.

Payday loans home – what else is worth knowing about them?

Payday loans home - what else is worth knowing about them?

If we are interested in taking the payday loan home, there are some details to note. The most important thing for the borrower should be to familiarize himself with the content of the contract and the table of fees that await us when paying the liability. The content of the loan agreement is very important. Companies providing a product, which is a housewife, collect fees for a company agent’s visit to the client’s home, his time spent, as well as the fuel they need to spend on traveling to the borrower.

To obtain a loan, contact the customer service office and arrange the date of the company’s agent’s visit to the recipient’s home. After determining the date of submission of the contract, the borrower waits for the agent’s visit. During the conversation with the agent, he can ask questions and review the initial loan agreement. If the borrower meets all the conditions of a potential client, he will get the money into his own hands. Obligations also takes place in the customer’s apartment. Non-bank companies that grant loans to a customer’s home usually arrange to pay off their liabilities weekly. We should remember about regular repayment of the loan, otherwise we will be charged additional costs in the form of interest and commissions.

A non-banking company may report a person in debt to the debtors’ bases, which in the future may result in a refusal to obtain further financial assistance in non-bank companies and banks. Debtor databases collect, process and share data on the financial sphere, persons who have incurred a financial commitment in the past. The databases also contain data on enterprises. If we are not sure whether our name is in the debtors database, we can register on one of the websites of the selected institution and download the report. Often, reports can be downloaded twice a year for free.